Although obtain Telangpu alleged support of the government, authorities of Democratic Progressive Party still cannot span ” one in ” red line, prove its are alleged ” in turning over ” ” Chou Zhong ” the course has failed, after how facing the United States to choose new bureau, authorities of Democratic Progressive Party already did not have ambiguous space.


American traditional foundation published a problem to be recently ” the national defence expenditure that current north briefs ally is more than 2016 50 billion dollar ” the article says, american president Telangpu emphasizes north making an appointment with allied country to need to add. . .


On November 13, wang Wenbin of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs chairs routine press conference. The reporter decides with respect to American Department of Commerce of short duration does not carry out TikTok ban query. Wang Wenbin expresses, we already. . .


According to information of Japanese joint company, the United States ” be elected as a president ” do obeisance to in ascending 12 days to talk in the phone that with Japanese premier Jian Yiwei holds, claim, diaoyu Island is ” treaty of beautiful day security ” the 5th applicable. . .

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We are OK the conclusion of farther outspread Marx: All funny world history emergency and character, also can say to appear twice, it is to serve as mime to appear for the first time, it is the 2nd to serve as tragedy to appear.


” times of Indian Si Tan ” ever reported before this say, came 20 days on November 17, as ” Malabaer – 2020 ” the one part of maneuver, indian navy admiral ” dimension carat Madiya ” date aircraft carrier will be as naval as the United States aircraft carrier ” Nimitz ” the warship of maritime militia of date and Australia and Japan will be in fruit A is coastal have practice, the MiG that India carries on naval aircraft carrier – the F/A-18E/F battleplan on 29K battleplan and U.S. Army aircraft carrier will attend this drilling.




Can Kao Xiao Xi Wang 10 Yue 23 Ri Bao Dao ( Wen / Ding Fei Bai ) Hui Xiang Qi Xiao Yan Mi Man De Chao Xian Zhan Chang , Yi Jing 90 Sui De Song Guang Xue Shen Cai Fei Yang , Jiang Qi Chu Guo Zuo Zhan De Jing Li , Geng Shi Ru …


Can Kao Xiao Xi Wang 10 Yue 23 Ri Bao Dao ( Wen / Ding Fei Bai ) Yi Jin Wu , Zao Yi Deng Hou Zai Jia De Ju Wan Chang Jiu Zhu Zhuo Guai Zhang Zou Chu Fang Jian Ying Jie Ji Zhe 。 Jin Nian 93 Sui De Ju Wan Chang Can Jia Guo …