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“Today refresh throughout history new coronal is daily add record newly. ” ” today refresh record. ” ” today again refresh record. ” begin from November 12, japanese government is announcing new coronal epidemic situation increases diagnose number newly everyday ” again record-breaking ” . Japanese odd-numbered days adds diagnose number newly to be in a week greeted a height in August, the situation below a series of policy that come on stage in the government takes a favourable turn, later odd-numbered days is added newly maintain all the time in 300 to 600 people between. But enter after October, with 20 to many years old 30 young crowd is a center, epidemic situation appears rebound.

According to day intermediary report, county of Osaka, 1000 leaves, mountain pass county, new county broke out in succession recently collect sex appeal to catch, japanese doctor is met Zhongchuanjunnan represents the president of an association or society on the press conference on November 11, “Be based on epidemic situation to expand in countrywide limits, japan or will receive epidemic situation of triple wave ” , and ” Japanese economy news ” report of 14 days says, current Japan has been entered really in light of the state ” epidemic situation of triple wave ” . Be in right now, japanese government still is expecting to predict the Olympic Games that holds at next year.

To epidemic situation diffuse again, japanese media and people ascribe responsibility to Japanese government began to popularize in July this year ” Go To Travel ” travel anabiosises plan, this plan encourages the people to begin home to swim, do one’s best promotes tourism development, also be to restart of economy important one pace. Suspend this plan to whether answering, take limitative step, japanese government supports negative attitude however.

“Add diagnose number newly to increase continuously really truly. ” Japanese premier Jian Yiwei expresses on the press conference November 13, “But the judgement according to Japanese government and expert, show level to will not stop travel to anabiosis plan, also did not announce the plan with urgent enunciative situation again. Also did not announce the plan with urgent enunciative situation again..

“Premier also said, take no account of urgent situation, also take no account of stop ‘ Go To ‘ (namely the abbreviation of Go To Travel) , although epidemic situation diffuses again, we or everyday repletion, do not divide weekday to mix on the weekend. ” the employee of the small hotel of type of a day that broad broadness is countryside of hot spring of Japanese south Hei Chuan, he is in insurgent news (Www.thepaper.com) in interviewing, complain, everyday stream ” have enough hyperbole ” , but the epidemic prevention measure of Japanese government ” it is a kind of form only ” .

“Not put up the shutters is incendiary ” , japan also once had had anxious

The Samu that lives in Tokyo is the employee of company of a large chain meal of Japanese, he 24 years old is running store of an octopus small a round mass of food. This year on April 7, japanese government announces Tokyo, god 7 areas such as Nai plain, fine jade jade will carry out by a definite date the urgent situation of a month, enlarged limitative object to countrywide limits on April 25, the everybody outside asking to divide necessary type of work occupies an office, cancel large party, avoid to appear ” 3 close ” (airtight space, crowd reachs intimate contact thick and fast) , but Samu expresses, oneself shop does not have immediate come to an end at that time, however with ” shorten business hours ” , ” change hall feed outside be, sell ” means defence epidemic situation.

“From April outside we beginning to be done only first, sell, just begin to restore later hall feed, but we shortened business hours, originally the business hours that we set can arrive before dawn at 4 o’clock, that paragraph of time can close at 11 o’clock in the evening almost. ” Samu laughs helplessly, “Nevertheless, still caused a few troubles. Still caused a few troubles..

In the some day this year April, samu one big early head for shop, see there is a piece of small scrip on the door when open the door, writing actually above ” do not murder civilian! Must not do business! ” ” just began to think the mischief that who is probably, did not think of to receive a piece of scrip again the following day. ” news of Pai of Samu Xiang Peng revealed that piece of scrip, writing clearly with red pen above: “You dare do business again, I set fire. I set fire..

“Do not murder civilian! Must not do business! ” article picture all offers a plan to suffer the person that visit

After Samu calls the police, this thing also went up news caused heat to discuss. According to ” company of current affairs communication ” the report before this, the police station of mew duck district of Tokyo is in the middle ten days of a month arrested the person that sticks scrip in May. “Thinking originally can be a few ‘ the person that turn over a society ‘ , did not think of the staff member that is a government actually. ” Samu laughs helplessly. According to the report, the suspect of this incident is the government of trifling of Japanese abundant island that is 63 years old an officeholder, he is admitted to his behavior, but he also states because diagnose number increases ceaselessly,this action is, make he arose ” wrong sense of justice ” .

Broad broadness also expresses to insurgent news, japanese has had for some time really ” ego is controlled ” . He is recollected in interview, epidemic situation state of Japan can be divided for a few phase. “The first phase, japanese government announces to prohibit foreign tourist enters a country, the foreigner after March becomes little apparently, cannot see almost to later period. ” broad broad say, “The 2nd phase, at the beginning of April, japanese also becomes little gradually, when urgent situation, to coordinate governmental policy, our hotel announced come to an end directly. ” but he expresses, from ” Go To Travel ” later, stream begins to become much, began countryside of Hei Chuan hot spring to restore the situation previously August.

According to ” Japanese economy news ” reported on November 13, up to favourable policy of bottom use Go To Travel was in Japan in October of countrywide restaurant make an appointment the number had reached 39.76 million person, after from Japan the meal inn of each scene areas and local speciality inn began to use general coupon in October, up to on November 9, the coupon of limits of Japanese whole nation uses the forehead to already reached 20.1 billion yen (add up to a RMB about 1.269 billion yuan) , expense of trip of average per capita exceeded 13 thousand yen (add up to a RMB about 820 yuan) .

“Does economy grow ” build at ” control epidemic situation ” over?

According to association of Japanese send out (NHK) report, up to this month 9 days, add up to 131 people because ” Go To Travel ” and affect new coronal, but report of day intermediary Jbpress points out, the likelihood has used without semiotic patient ” Go To Travel ” favourable policy heads for Japanese each district to travel or dine together with other, because of ” Go To Travel ” and the person that affects epidemic situation may be more than hereat.

According to Japan ” daily news ” report, a female that lives in Tokyo is used ” Go To Travel ” privilege, loved to know He Zunhe of county, Nagasaki county in Japan this year in October the county travelled circuit, after returning Tokyo, be informed the colleague gets new hat and go detecting, just discover oneself are not to have semiotic patient. The report of Jbpress says, if did not discover him work in the same placing has been affected, this lady won’t be discovered possibly forever, and she has affected a lot of people probably in journey.

At present Japanese epidemic situation expands continuously, and the case of Hokkaido and Osaka is more severe. ” Japanese economy news ” the report says, up to on November 14, the diagnose number of Osaka has exceeded 200 people 5 days continuously, and Hokkaido also innovates 3 days continuously tall. In chairman of Japanese doctor association plain express, if the diagnose number of Hokkaido will continue to increase henceforth, proposal government ” quick consideration is adjusted ” , eliminate Hokkaido to be in ” Go To Travel ” besides, but Japanese government holds opposite opinion however.

“Do not have the report that the staff member of the hotel of viatic ground and sightseeing establishment is infected at present, in the data that we receive, what be affected is basic it is a tourist. ” Japanese official room is magisterial the press conference that adds a cane to get the better of a letter to be in 10 days is denied namely cancel ” Go To Travel ” the problem replies, “We catch close attention the circumstance, adopt answer measure appropriately. ” and Xiang Chiyu of Japan ground transportation one fine also say, do not plan to diffuse epidemic situation at present the area with severe case eliminates to be in ” Go To Travel ” besides. He expresses, the hope is in ” staff member and traveler both sides implement epidemic prevention measure related sightseeing ” under premise, continue to carry out ” Go To Travel ” , say to have the possibility that extends a plan.

“Do we continue to carry out a journey to anabiosis even? ” the data that Japanese media took out university of British Hua Wei to was announced on October 30 is oppugned. Hua Wei university triumphant Thiemo Fetzer of researcher of strange research center ever put forward in a paper, british government was mixed in August 500 million pound is cost at the beginning of September (add up to a RMB about 4.3 billion yuan) put forward ” Eat Out Help Out ” plan proposal people goes out repast, and carry out in this plan one week later, british infection leads higher area to collect exemple of sexy catch a disease to increase quickly, the paper also says to 8% arrive of 17% add case of illness newly to be able to ascribe to this plan. Day intermediary ” イ of ダ of イ of daily newspaper ケ ” oppugn in the report, japanese government is advanced blindly ” Go To Travel ” manner and England bring about the 2nd epidemic situation to diffuse ” Eat Out Help Out ” the plan is same, of Japanese government ” inactive answer ” refresh of again and again of imbue case of illness.

“Compared with take limitative step, take economy seriously more. ” Samu expresses to insurgent news, in his eye, of the government decision-making do not want to let economic depression namely. And the report of day intermediary Jbpress points out, if want to carry out travel to anabiosis below epidemic situation, “OD data ” (statistic is individual arrive from ground setting out the method of destination, inn of the hotel that includes an approach, meal) it is very important to use, but at present aquatic product saves Japanese sightseeing hall, aricultural to all did not make public this class number to occupy.

“Want to evaluated a government to whether make perfect epidemic prevention step, answer to begin an analysis from data above all. ” Jbpress is written in the report, “However, at present the data of Japanese government is collected, analyse and announce apparent inadequacy, cannot judge travel to anabiosis at all whether does the plan produce an effect to the epidemic situation that diffuses currently, also cannot discuss after all should make what policy answer epidemic situation of triple wave. Also cannot discuss after all should make what policy answer epidemic situation of triple wave..

“Go out to also have nothing to do with ” illusive

Although admit travel anabiosises,the plan was caused to epidemic situation quite the influence of degree, but broad broadness expresses in interview, the state of mind of the reason that epidemic situation diffuses again and people also has quite big concern.

“At the beginning of this year August, hei Chuan hot spring once had the employee of a hotel to affect new coronal. We call at that time the guest that the announcement has made an appointment states we can be offerred cancel freely, but hear this one news, everybody appears generally very calm. ” this thing since memory, broad broadness expresses to insurgent news, oneself still are some are astonished up to now. “Hear somebody to affect, only the small number of people expresses to want to cancel, and we give off room source to be less than a hour again after cancel, go up with respect to the horse somebody is booked. Go up with respect to the horse somebody is booked..

The analysis has a reason, broad broadness blurts out: “Everybody hold back is gotten too long. ” he expresses, japanese epidemic situation was not controlled, also did not disappear completely, but grass-roots arose however ” go out to also have nothing to do with ” illusive. “A lot of peoples feel to want to wear guaze mask only diligent wash one’s hands, no matter go how dangerous public irrespective, specifically, should be they discover after urgent situation removes ‘ do not go out and can not allow delay of epidemic situation hasten certainly ‘ . Should be they discover after urgent situation removes ‘ do not go out and can not allow delay of epidemic situation hasten certainly ‘ ..

Japan watchs baseball the stream of the match

The small eminent of student studying abroad that lives in Tokyo is right also insurgent news say, “Irrespective, japanese is in of sightseeing, is the privilege that there is a Go To? ” add newly again to diagnose number whether can worry about this one problem, xiaozhuo expresses, “(Japanese) do not be afraid of really, I am like also is not be afraid of among them. ” respecting has people of how many Japan to go out after all now play, xiaozhuo is laughing to say, “It is to arrive to want even the picture to wait more probably very long the degree that ability hair goes out. ” really, when accepting insurgent news to interview, small Zhuo Zheng is in the national clear near the home and commemorative park, xiaozhuo wants to send a piece ” huge crowd of people ” the photograph gives insurgent news, but as a result of the person too much, net is too slow, just show after giving out ten minutes deferent already. “There is how many person all round me it is thus clear that, arrive more the network is super and bad. ” Xiaozhuo jokingly, continued to join the picnic with friends again.

Tokyo is national on November 15 clear and the entry that mark a park

In November double ended radius sleeker of Tokyo of the first ten days of a month former crossroad

In diffuse to infection, whether should pause ” Go To Travel ” in the report, japanese netizen cent became two groups.

The meal of one part, travel, recreation acts art the staff member of industry thinks the journey revives the plan makes its are benefited really, if announce urgent situation is enunciative again, can make they are immersed in again ” cannot support oneself ” predicament. “If the government can increase allowance, we are unapt so kink. ” one is engaged in the netizen that works related the concert expressing in the comment of news, the government acts to recreation art industry does not have any allowance, they cause losing to bear to epidemic situation ability ” had reached the limit ” , ” cannot see future ” .

The feeling when one part netizen says to entering large activity is in by Japanese government the rigorous sex of the epidemic prevention measure of the assembly room, include to measuring temperature, identity to register those who reach social distance to maintain a respect to be done well still, if can maintain perfect epidemic prevention measure, continue to carry out ” Go To Travel ” also have not cannot. A netizen is mentioned, because the suicidal number of epidemic situation Japan has risen considerably, a lot of people suffer epidemic situation influence to feel disturbed, release urgent situation again, the effect have no way that produces to people psychology is informed.

And most person is to appeal Japanese government stops ” Go To Travel ” . A netizen calls Japan the government in the comment ” feel without insecurity ” . He is written, “If such going down, the beginning of the year of Japanese year end will repeat the limitative measure this year April again, put again ‘ holiday of train in excess specified length ‘ . ” he appeals Japanese government ” again some more crisis feeling, nervous feeling ” . A lot of netizens also express ” economy is admittedly important, but national life is more important. ” they think, although Japanese government is saying to want to adopt ” tough measure ” , but did not take any move, hope government can be carried out more the policy of countryman of with a view to.

Also partial netizen already was held abandon position. Once alleviate,restrict measure, infection number can increase; Once take step, economy can stop, below such controversy, the government tries to find a good integrated way all the time, pull time string longlier again however. They expressed their helpless attitude below the comment of news, “Current in light of the state, japanese economy and alleviate epidemic situation cannot two, as such as its, want to which abandon after all as more careful consideration. Want to which abandon after all as more careful consideration..