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Stage bogus air force of double fall machine! On November 17, 2020, just give in the morning Zhu Guan Meng did air man of meet one’s death of event of F-5E battleplan crash on October 29 ” leave type ” , appear on the stage late the baby of bogus air force, by stage bogus air force ” elite ” air man, squadron of the 26th battleplan grows the 5th mixture wing the F-16A battleplan that Jiang Zhengzhi captain drives, drop immediately the sea, be dead!

6672 planes involuntary discharge of urine is illuminated

Crash about this incident, all sorts of analysises on the network and comment had blotted out the sky and cover up the earth, the author does not think give uncecessary details. The author writes this article today, basically want to say ” F16 of stage bogus air force crashs the mainland that swing boiler ” this thing.

The author sees a story, say to crash this after incident, the Zhang Tingting of a retired officer of stage bogus air force publishs opinion on public affairs to media, besides to crashing the reason undertook a few analysises, still express ” mainland military plan is frequent faze stage, calculate ground service personnel to also want to bear pressure, pool of occurrence difference of hard to avoid. ” the meaning below character, nearly two months come to the liberation army bypass a flight continuously is one of causes that cause frequency of accident of stage bogus air force to send.

The liberation army forms into columns circle a stage

To this one opinion on public affairs, stage bogus air force hurries jump out to publish opinion on public affairs for a short while ” denounce ” , claim ” media cites the treatise of alleged expert and fact not agree with, emphasize conjecture accident producing an account, outside dividing trample major, still cause the influence of morale of stage soldier’s morale and harm of pilot family member. Still cause the influence of morale of stage soldier’s morale and harm of pilot family member..

One thinks wrestle eyeball, one wants to appease a got-up affair. No matter nitty-gritty is like why, anyway these two say each word each, not worth completely to be carried. Nevertheless the author feels, if crash,the reason is concerned with the mainland really, that is an extremely big meddlesome ability is opposite, should celebrate one time well! This explains, liberation army sea air unit to attack a platform alone force and the boss that its incite rear, nearly two months come continuous tactics of retentive to stage puppet army or soldier high pressure obtained result, the stage bogus air force that be kept constantly on the run had begun to err below enormous pressure! Need having what denies, still need instead further, bring to bear on greater pressure just is opposite!

Crash of F-16 of stage bogus air force is recorded

Asked everybody not to forget the essence of stage puppet government! China has a legitimate government only, that is People’s Republic of China, this is by international society extensive approbatory. Illegally or forcibly occupy the stage puppet government of Taiwan, it is a complete illegal political power, its existence is to cause China to break up at present the prime cause of the state!

Ares bomber is in annihilate – a flight is bypassed below 11 battleplan protection

Stage puppet government bilks the capital that unites with defying, it is team of stage puppet army or soldier. Just liberate when the mainland when, the arrogance how aggressive of team of stage puppet army or soldier! The liberation army sea at that time the air unit is very puny still, the harassing attack with stage bogus empty coastal to the mainland navy is to always enjoy it then! Be in by powerful with each passing day liberation army crackdown a few later, stage puppet army or soldier just begins to turn for defence, island of Taiwan of withdraw into passive defence, try in vain with fierce refus all, these year more the stage in disrupt country goes further more on road alone! In stage bogus army, the equipment standard of stage bogus air force is best all the time, before 2005, stage bogus air force still is holding equipment quality dominant position to liberation army air force, the liberation army can rely on quantitative advantage to make up for the difference on quality only. Especially Taiwan obtains the head after F-16 battleplan a few years, not only all sorts of clamour, still hang with F-16 carry reconnoiter towed bird to play pair of mainlands that had suspension a lot of years to touch close scout littoral. Accordingly, stage bogus aircraftman is the largest support of Taiwan antagonism administration and accomplice continuously, it is to carry out a stage to break up alone of policy ” daring vanguard ” !

The F-16 of stage bogus air force

If say those use the country of hands or feet to China stealthily on international,be ” potential enemy ” , so stage puppet regime is one hundred percent ” real enemy ” , and team of stage puppet army or soldier is ” real enemy ” ! Although administration is not willing to must solve Taiwan problem with armed strength means, but never eliminate use force of arm to be besides the choice! Everything is about bleachers puppet him regime choice, do not want to hit that to return to the motherland, accept administration administer. If died,a person’s mind wants to black, the liberation army teachs you minute minutes to be an upright person!

F-16 of stage bogus air force bangs to the liberation army – 6K ” convoy “

Do not look dealings of civilian classics trade is so busy between two sides now, that is administration good-tempered magnanimous! When has we should like to ask announced cross-strait hostility condition has ended? When had announced war of liberation has ended? Calculate administration to be willing to solve Taiwan problem with peaceful way more, also won’t change team of stage puppet army or soldier ” real enemy ” attribute, stage puppet government fastens on wings think oneself can resemble ” two countries ” mix in that way administration be on an equal footing, any not with ” a China ” the negotiation that is premise is talk nonsense! “Bright any tube-shaped part of an article of clothing is dark alone ” , think beautifully! And want to make recognize of stage puppet regime actual, return right way to come up, the first thing eliminates line of stage puppet army or soldier namely, destroy the support of all of refus of stage puppet regime.

The liberation army circles a stage is group of machine dispatch, carry take the lead of 8 antisubmarine plane

If be two countries between, even if be ” potential enemy ” , happen crash this kind of thing, expressing feeling of one similarly hereinafter is possible, but should swing boiler mainland, must deny stoutly!

But stage bogus air force calculates what thing, swing boiler mainland, be then! Be right! Want to play you dead namely, look for indolence to you namely fast! For what, because you are enemy ah! Does what cry ” annulus battle ” do not understand? The liberation army is so fosse is horizontal, it is plane comparing hello, it is a plane more than you, it is strategic depth bigger than you! The liberation army is OK in turn troops comes over to fly by turns, everywhere annulus you, spend your miserable plane life, drain your pitiful spare parts reserve, let you a state of extreme nervousness of all personnel of empty ground service must not rest momently! Waiting for yourself to err next throw a plane!

Carry machine of 8 electrons interference also is circling a stage

This is the result that the liberation army wants! Liberation army plane came, stage bogus air force is not no good again on the top. The top goes up, everybody does not know the liberation army is deterrence this still is to move real, a little the movement is a bit bigger, be surrounded immediately! Want to hit had not hit again, battle authority masters in liberation army hand from beginning to end, spirit of if things go on like this is high-strung, the nerve of stage bogus air force can die sooner or later. Need not be at war to be able to allow the battle power loss of enemy, this ability is a war the expression of highest configuration, ” not battle and Qu Renzhi arms ” , this enrols the liberation army, be brillant! 17 F-16 fall after machine, the F-16 comprehensive grounding of aircraft of stage bogus air force, become so 18 liberation armies once more presence when, stage bogus air force can ” broadcast drive leaves ” , the blank that formed an air defence in fact period, this one result, not be us see gladly?

Carry 8 electrons scout

Such high strenth circle the liberation army stage, are oneself tired? Of course, tired also! The friend of a few army that the author knows already several months did not let off a holiday! But must not underestimate China to be opposite the determination that maintains state sovereignty and territorial integrity! Want in those days Diaoyu Island, at the beginning Chinese sea alarm want to enter cruise of Diaoyu Island territorial sea, japanese is by every means obstruct, really very tired also. But Japanese is tiredder, equipment loss is severe personnel is whacked! And Chinese sea alarm in domestic industry system prop up below, equipment gets complement quickly and be updatinged, personnel is OK large quantities of rotate. So final Japanese does not stretch tight, cruise Diaoyu Island became normalization! What media reports previously is Chinese sea alarm the news that enters Diaoyu Island sea area, media cares Chinese sea only now alarm did not go the news of Diaoyu Island! The Taiwan Strait condition nowadays, is how similar? In safeguard the motherland to unite cardinal principles of righteousness of this one nation before, the determination of the liberation army, confidence, endurance is the outside is unthinkable!

Old old F-5 cannot retire, the pressure of stage bogus air force sees one spot

In all sorts of articles of these two days, the author sees a few authors state this one crashing incident with sympathetic snout is ” calamity ” , right ” the mainland that swing boiler ” still be eager to undertaking denial. The author feels these authors should adjust his position, always not be with a kind ” Chinese original sin is talked ” state of mind will ponder over a problem.

Did not overlook stage bogus air force ” real enemy ” the identity, tell Ren Yi with the enemy? With person of rival in love? Be pair of him comrades then betray! Look in the author, if the high-pressured tactics of liberation army near future did not cause crashing incident of stage bogus air force to happen, what that explains we are done instead is not quite good still, had not achieved the result! The author feels those who fall is not quite much still only, the enemy air man that falls dead is not quite good still! Because every throw an enemy plane more, destroy an enemy more, so once future is forced really when the armed strength attacks a platform, liberation army soldier can little pay a bit sacrifice!

Ordinary people can be striven for, OK and good-tempered! Unite the enemy of historical wheel to holding back the motherland, no matter be general or average soldier, short of disarm, have two choices only, disarm surrenders! Or, eliminate him! Sympathize with? Absurd goes!